Tree Huggers

When you see the zoo’s irresistibly cute red pandas, chances are they’ll be up in the trees. They eat, climb, walk and play in the branches, rarely venturing down to ground level. This tree-house lifestyle is made possible with help from their semi-retractable claws and impressive acrobatic skills. They even sleep in the trees, draping themselves over the branches and using their bushy tails as pillows and blankets for extra warmth.

Even more irresistibly cute is our new red panda cub! Born July 15, she has just started venturing out from her den and exploring the world. Come see her climb! 


Conservation Status

Source: IUCN

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Saving the "Other" Panda

In many areas of their native range, red pandas live in the shadow of their iconic namesake, the giant panda. Calgary Zoo researcher Tara Stephens travelled to China to help with efforts to save wild red pandas. 

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Like their namesake, giant pandas, red pandas have a special false thumb they use to strip leaves off bamboo stalks.

At a Glance

Scientific Name

Ailurus fulgens styani


3.5 - 6 kg (7.72 - 13.2 lb.)


Length of 1 m (3.3 ft.)

Conservation Status



Temperate, bamboo forests


Mostly bamboo, also blossoms, berries, eggs, birds and small mammals

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