How Can You Help?

The Calgary Zoo is committed to providing world-class care for its animals who act as conservation ambassadors, creating engaging educational experiences and conducting vital endangered species research and community-based conservation work around the world. Your support will connect the community to the natural world and inspire visitors to care for it, all while giving hope to endangered species. Below are examples of the projects your donations will support.

Do You Have Lemur Fever?

You can help make our dream of having lemurs at your Calgary Zoo come true!

Together with the city and other partners, we have begun construction on Land of Lemurs, an immersive exhibit and the future home for these playful, inquisitive animals. You can help us build this state-of-the-art immersive exhibit. We're proud to exceed the standards for animal welfare, creating a beautiful and joyful home to enrich the lives of our lemurs. First hand encounters with nature link facts with emotions and senses. The interpretive element of this exhibit will transform your connection to lemurs into positive action to protect wildlife. Your gift will help build this incredible exhibit and create compelling interpretive programs.


The Calgary Zoo knows it is possible to bring species back from the brink – whooping cranes, swift foxes, hippos and many other threatened and endangered species have a brighter future thanks to the important conservation work you have made possible. Focusing our efforts on strong science to save species, and community-based conservation, your help will make a positive impact on people and wildlife around the world.

Most Needed

Your gift to the Calgary Zoo’s annual campaign helps fund our essential daily activities – providing world-class care for the animals, maintaining facilities and providing engaging learning experiences for visitors. Contributions are directed to the area of most need, where your gift will have the greatest impact.

How to reach us:

Calgary Zoological Society
1300 Zoo Road NE
Calgary AB T2E7V6


[email protected]

Charitable Registration Number 118824192 RR0001

In 2014, 2% of Calgary Zoo's expenses were fundraising costs.

Elk have a lot of different names. They are also known as red deer, wapiti and Bactrian deer.