Zoomazing Race (6 to 100 ppl) *Updated for 2018*

Your Race Starts Now

Our most popular team builder, participants get one clue at a time and don’t know where they’re headed next in this fast-paced event. This is a great team builder for competitive groups. 

How It Works

A staff member will meet you at your starting location to introduce the event, go over the ground rules, timing and scoring. Participants will be split into teams of four to six and start the first challenge in the same room as the introduction.

Once they finish the first challenge, they’ll be given a map of the zoo and a folder containing instructions on where to go next. Each team then has to race through six more challenges before returning to the main venue.

At each challenge, teams will receive a score and their final tally will be counted at the end of the race.

For a more detailed program description of Zoomazing Race - click here


  • Typically 3 hours

Participants required

  • 6 - 100ppl 


  • For more information, please call 403-232-7770. 

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Snakes are not slimy! Their scales are similar to fingernails and they are actually dry and slightly rough to the touch.